Backstreet Boy Asks Author Sandy Lo for Autograph

Sandy Lo (middle) with BSB's Brian Littrell, holding a copy of "Dream Catchers", and his wife, Wylee fashion designer, Leighanne. Photo by Kindell Brinay Moore.
Sandy Lo (middle) with BSB’s Brian Littrell, holding a copy of “Dream Catchers”, and his wife, Wylee fashion designer, Leighanne. Photo by Kindell Buchanan.

Sandy Lo is known in the entertainment industry as a  journalist and blogger as well as a published fiction author.  Among her peers, she’s known as a passionate fan of the Backstreet Boys and pop culture.  At a charity event last weekend in Alpharetta, Georgia, Lo interviewed Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell for her blog, and presented him a copy of her novel “Dream Catchers”.  After explaining to Littrell how BSB has influenced her writing over the years, he smiled and asked for her autograph.  “It’s such an honor to get asked for an autograph by one of my idols!” Lo gushed to him as she signed the book.

Coincidentally, the Backstreet Boys are currently working on their 9th studio album while Sandy Lo is working on her 9th book.  She is most known for the “Dream Catchers” series, a rockstar romance anthology that follows a group of friends throughout the years.  Lo’s first novel, “Lost In You” featured the Backstreet Boys in the acknowledgments and was about a boy band, with some of the characters loosely based on the group.
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