Tribal Rites of a Travoltaholic

The personalized autograph I received when I was 13 after writing John religiously.

Hello, my name is Sandy, and I’m a Travoltaholic.

I seriously should trademark that…

The problem started when I was about 3-years-old and I was first shown the 1978 musical classic, “Grease”.  I’ll admit the first time I saw it, I cried.  Not for the reasons you think.  They weren’t happy tears!  Everyone in the room was singing to me and I was incredibly embarrassed.  I declared I hated “Grease” right then and there.  The memories are fuzzy from that age so I don’t know how I went from “hating” that movie to falling in love with it… and the film’s leading man, Danny Zuko, but by 4-years-old I had found my first love.  “Grease” was the only word for me and I watched the movie  But the love of Danny and Sandy wasn’t the end of it for me.

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I’ve Been Ghosting All Of You

Just kidding… kind of.  I would never ghost* you guys.  But I have been ghostwriting… something I thought I would never do.  Read on to find out what led me to this new aspect of my career.

Remember when I used to pump out a novel every year for you to snack on?  It wasn’t so long ago — my last published novel, Spotlight was just last year.  But it feels like a lifetime ago.  Plenty has happened in the past year… as always with my life — things change often and fast.  Can you even keep up with my whereabouts?  Haha, I barely can.  Along with a novel a year, I also relocate about every year too!  In the past 10 years, I’ve moved more than 10 times!!

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Larger Than Life to appear with Aaron Carter & Lance Bass at PRIDE festival June 8th!

2018 Edmonton Pride Kickoff

LARGER THAN LIFE: The Ultimate Boy Band Tribute Show Kicks Off Edmonton’s PRIDE with AARON CARTER & *NSYNC’s LANCE BASS for a POP Revival!

The show will be at Knoxville’s in Edmonton, Canada.  Doors open at 9pm. Tickets available here.

Edmonton, Canada’s Pride Festival will kickoff this Friday with a POP REVIVAL at Knoxville’s!  Hosted by *NSYNC’s Lance Bass, the night will feature throwback entertainment from pop star AARON CARTER (“I Want Candy”, “Fool’s Gold”) and LARGER THAN LIFE: THE ULTIMATE BOY BAND TRIBUTE!

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Animals are NOT Gifts, They’re a Commitment!

It’s that time of year again… when parents, grandparents, aunts, or uncles think it would be “cute” to get their child an easy to manage holiday-themed pet!  Do you think a bunny would make the perfect gift for Easter? Well, I’m here to tell you DON’T do it, unless you are fully prepared to care for these delicate, living creatures.

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Eating Disorders: Living In Secret Shame

Eating Disorders

What does it feel like to have an eating disorder?
Like you can’t do anything right.
It’s like a constant fist fight with yourself.

There are two people inside of me.

The smart, level-headed, sensible one that loves herself.  She takes care of herself with positive vibes, good food, time to herself, friends, family and outside time to be with nature.
The other person… She thinks she needs to punish herself.  She doesn’t deserve anything good.  She should be locked inside, eating low-energy food, and smothering herself with it and all of her insecurities.

It’s so hard for me to forgive myself for allowing that person to take over once more.  The loving gal seemed to be #1 for so long!  She took me to “regular” size clothing stores.  She gave me so much energy.
Then little by little, Debbie Downer crept back in until I felt strangled by her.  And I let her win most battles.
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Craft Project: St. Patrick’s Day Beer Bottles [FREE Printable Included]

I wouldn’t say I am new to crafting, but I am new to adult crafting.  Most of us were probably artistic as children in some way.  As the years go by, the less time we have to explore that creativity that we indulged in simply for the fun of it.  We didn’t worry about making money or “wasting” time on something that was just for us.  I have always been creative, but I focused my creativity on writing as I got older and now, I am allowing my artistic side to run wild.  From recipe creation to brush lettering to any other project I want to do, I am going for it simply to de-stress and create something fun! I am trying to be comfortable in not being perfect, but to enjoy learning and exploring things that work and do not.
I tend to make things too complicated when I create.  There is beauty in simplicity sometimes.  These recycled beer bottles are simple, adorable and functional.  Right now, I am focusing on St. Patrick’s Day, but you can customize for any holiday or rustic wedding even… these would be great to hold a small bouquet!

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Work Out at Home and Love it!

I love going to the gym because once you’re there, it’s hard to back out of working out. However, there are days where you just can’t make it! Maybe there isn’t anyone to watch the kids or the weather is terrible or you’re short on time… Perhaps it just isn’t in your budget to get a gym membership or you prefer to workout alone in the privacy of your own home with bed head…
Whatever your reasons are for not making it to the gym, that doesn’t mean you can’t workout at home and actually enjoy it!

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St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Letters

Every year, my niece asks me to help her trap a leprechaun.  I helped her decorate a trap the first year.  I will admit the whole thing confused me.  Growing up, we never tried to trap little fictional holiday figures, but she was too excited about it for me not to help.
Last year, I decided to write her a letter from a leprechaun that escaped her trap.  I named him Seamus O’Malley and the letter included fun “leprechauny” language with Irish expressions.  I also included some information about my family’s Irish heritage.
Of course, the folklore and traditions we celebrate on St. Paddy’s Day are strictly American.  Nonetheless, I always enjoyed the holiday and a chance to celebrate my mother’s roots.
As part of my new side business, The Merry Workshop, which I started by writing Santa letters this past holiday season, I am now offering leprechaun letters.  Letters come handwritten in a calligraphic font with personalized information about the recipient.
If you are interested in sending your child a leprechaun letter, please fill out the form below and I will contact you to set up payment.  ($5 for a single letter, $7 for letter with chocolate coins)

5 Reasons To Eat Avocados…Even If You Hate Them

I know I sound like a typical millennial obsessed with avo, but one, I am not all that millennial and two, sometimes millennials teach us something.  When I grew up, avocado was only associated with guacamole.  Don’t get me wrong–I love me some guac, but avocado is so much more than a dip.  For you anti-avos out there, there are ways you can sneak it into your daily routine where you won’t taste it or mind the texture.  And why is it so important to add this creamy green fruit into your life?  Allow me to explain!

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The Girl That Dreamed

I’ve been thinking about “Dream Catchers” lately… about the music I listened to at that time, the inspiration I felt, the thirst for writing those characters and situations.  There was such a NEED for me to write it.  Like taking a breath of air, it was vital to who I was–or maybe who I was becoming.
I KNEW “Dream Catchers” would always be special.  While I think “The Watch Dog” and “Indigo Waters” were written in a more mature, complex literary voice, “Dream Catchers” was a pure labor of love.
That book and those characters represented the fight I endured to stay true to myself, to believe and hope… when I was told not to.  I wrote with such fervor and well after the book was finished, I felt utter joy about sending it off into the world.
It wound up being my most popular book, but now that I am pondering getting an agent and traditional publisher… the question that perplexes me is: do I pitch “Dream Catchers” or something new?
While “Dream Catchers” is definitely marketable, I fear what will happen to it… will it be changed so drastically that I won’t recognize my characters or plot? I don’t know if I can handle seeing Haley and Jordan go through that.
If any of you fellow authors out there have any input, I would love to hear it.  If any fans of the “Dream Catchers” series have any thoughts, please share them in the comments!

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